2 = stream, electricity supply, mains electricity.
Ex. If no such standards can be observed then, it would seem, romantic fiction along with westerns and detective stories must be regarded as some sort of cul-de-sac and rather stagnant backwater quite separate from the main stream of 'literature'.
Ex. Europe and Australia (where experimental transmissions have been going on for some time) have a 50 Hz electricity supply, 625 line transmissions, and two non-compatible colour systems, PAL and SECAM.
Ex. Every electrical appliance that connects to mains electricity has a fuse, usually in the plug.
* adaptador de corriente = power adapter, mains adapter.
* cable con corriente = live wire.
* corriente alterna = alternating current (AC).
* corriente eléctrica = electrical current, electric current, electrical power.
* Corriente Eléctrica Ininterrumpida (CEI) = Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
* corte de corriente = power cut, power failure.
* corte de la corriente eléctrica = power failure, power cut.
* luchar contra corriente = labour + against the grain.
* regulador de corriente = current regulator.
* seguridad contra corrientes eléctricas = electrical security.
* toma de corriente = outlet, socket, socket outlet, light socket.
* transformador de corriente = mains adapter, power adapter.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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